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RoboSoft is an advanced software promotion utility for professional shareware developers
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14 December 2004

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Important software products need to be submitted in a timely and reliable manner. Therefore, you require a professional submission utility for precise submission, called RoboSoft. This utility makes the submission procedure simple and automated. It automates the process of filling out the submission forms. It has an absolutely comprehensive interface. You will find the menu options self-explanatory. Select the Import or Export options under File menu to transfer PAD (*.xml) files. It will also help you to make searches and queries on the web sites for a specified software title. You do not even need to remember your login information for every site you visit frequently, this tool will do it for you. When you need to monitor the submission status of a software product, it will provide you status reports for the same. It has over 300 shareware site preconfigured for semi-automatic submission. RoboSoft is programmed to make your work easy and fast.

Publisher's description

RoboSoft will not work for you if you are not a professional software developer or promoter. Do not download it if you are an amateur software developer and all you need is to submit your product to the 10 most popular download sites. RoboSoft is a comprehensive software promotion system intended for professionals who understand the real value of massive software submissions.
RoboSoft is based on a database of 600+ download site templates supported as an open project by a large community of shareware developers. The Robosoft Database is updated on a daily basis.
Each database record contains extensive information about each download site, including all the vital URLs and templates used to fill out submission forms automatically.
RoboSoft also includes an advanced PAD manager and generator. In addition to the standard PADGen functionality, RoboSoft supports Unicode and provides a unified storage for all the info related to a software product, such as passwords, submission status for every site, search results, etc.
Tabbed browser interface, batch search and reporting tool, automatic page translation and many more unique features help you to submit your products accurately to hundreds of download sites and to track the results of your submissions.
The free 30-day trial has all the features of the registered version. It provides full access to the database of download sites. You can use it to submit an unlimited number of products.
Version 3.0.531
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